How an Electrodynamic Vibrator Works : f = bil

How an Electrodynamic Skaker Works : f = bil

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  • How an Electrodynamic Vibrator Works

    This program illustrates how a shaker works.

    Fleming's left hand rule
    Fleming's left hand rule

    The Electrodynamic Vibrator works using the principle of Fleming's left hand rule.
    The 'Field' is produced by a permanent or electro magnet.
    The 'Current' in the armature is provided by the power amplifier.
    The 'Motion' is a direct result of the reaction between the two magnetic fields produced by the 'Field' and 'Armature Current'.

    f = b i l where :-
    f is the force or thrust in newtons (N)
    b is the magnetic flux density in tesla (T).
    i is the current in amps (A)
    l is the length of the conductor (wire) in the coil (armature), in metres.

    Note: In electrodynamic vibrator the force and acceleration are proportional to current.

    Thus, the more force or acceleration required means the more current the amplifier will have to provide to the armature !

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