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  • VIBKIT Plus Menu

    This program is the main menu page for VIBKIT Plus.

    It is an index which gives quick and simple access to all the applications in VIBKIT Plus.

  • The VIBKIT Plus Menu can be "pinned" to the Windows Taskbar and the Windows Start Menu.

    VIBKIT Plus 2014 Applications

    Accumulated Cycles
    Altitude (ISA)
    Beam Resonance
    Body Displacement
    Bump - Shock and SRS Analysis
    Calculs de Sinus
    Charge Converter
    Convert-X Metric Imperial
    Damped Sine Oscillation
    Decibel Calculation
    Equations of Motion
    Fixture Plate Design

    Force Calculations : f=ma
    How a Shaker Works
    Humidity Conversions
    Humidity Plus
    Listing VAT Calculator
    Manipulate dB (Sum Average Subtract)
    Material Database
    Mechanical Shock
    MIDI Keyboard
    Musical Notes and Filters
    Octave to Decade and Slope
    Ohms Law

    Plate Resonance
    Pressure to Altitude
    PSD Unit Conversion
    Random Calculations
    Random Find Unknowns
    Random Total rms to PSD
    Reference Help
    Series Parallel Components
    Sine Calculations
    Sine on Random
    Sine Profile Calculations
    Sine Slopes

    Sine System Performance
    Standard Atmosphere
    Sweep Rate and Octaves
    Tolerance and THD
    Tolerance ± dB ± %
    Vee Scope
    Waveform Relationships
    Wavelength {X} Frequency
    Program Information
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