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Frequency to/from Wavelength

How a Shaker Works

Bump Shock and SRS Calulations

Manipulate decibels (Sum Average Subtract)

Signal Tolerance% to Total Harmonic Distortion%

Vee Scope Demonstration

Accumulated Stress Cycles for a Swept Sine Test

Charge Converter Calculator

Damped Sine Pulse

Equations of Motion

Humidity Conversions

Humidity Calculations to BS1339 2002

International Standard Atmosphere

Listing Calculator with VAT / GST Function

Mechanical Shock

Midi Keyboard Player

Octaves to Decades to Octaves and Slopes

Ohms Law (I=V/R)

Mechanical Plate Resonance Calculations

Pressure to Altitude Calculations

Sine and Triangular / Sawtooth Waveform Relationships

Sine Slope Calculations

Series Parallel Component Calculations

Sine Tones on Random Calculations (SoR)

Transmissibility - Vibration Isolation

PC Requirements

Richard Baker

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