Bump/Shock Displacement & Velocity

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  • Calculates Velocity and Displacement for Shock/Bump pulses

    This program calculates and graphically displays the peak velocity and the peak to peak displacement of a bump pulse. Bump, shock and transient tests performed on a vibrator are sometimes also referred to as 'classical shock'.

    Pulse Shapes

    Pre / Post Pulse Shapes
    • Half sine
    • Square
    • 7 different pulse shapes
    • Square or Half sine pre/post pulses
    • Optimise post pulse for non-symmetrical main pulse
    • Metric or Imperial Units
    • Example inputs
    • Save and load test pulses with comments
    • Shock (no pre pulse)
    • Auto-scaled displays for Acceleration Velocity and Displacement
    • Copy results graphical and tabular to the Clipboard
    • Print graphical and tabular results

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