System performance: V830 - 335 SPA10K

Usable frequency range 0 - 3000 Hz
Rated travel (S=52) 50.8 mm p-p
Rated velocity 2000 mm/s peak
Rated acceleration (sine operation) 75 gn peak
Rated acceleration (random operation) 60 gn rms
Rated acceleration (bump operation) Dependant on pay load
Rated force (sine operation) 1000 kgf peak
Rated force (random operation) 1000 kgf rms
Rated force (bump operation) Dependant on pay load
Armature fundamental resonance fn 2300 Hz 5%
Armature mass (Hex inserts) 12.85 kg
Body mass 616 kg
Cross axial stiffness at inserts 535.7 kgf/mm
Maximum turning moment 2868 kgf mm
Null point to insert 55 mm
Internal load support mass limit 160 kg
Vibrator isolation system fn 5 Hz or 10 Hz

The above list defines the maximum system performance. Some of these values are derived from a combination of the vibrators operating limits and the amplifiers maximum output. For example, if a 5kVA amplifier was used instead of a 10kVA amplifier, the maximum force and acceleration would be reduced, as less current would be available to drive the vibrator.

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